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Math 150

Help Sessions

Help Sessions Schedule - Fall 2022

** Click the link in the schedule to join the desired session with the Zoom app.
***Times are subject to change, check this page for the most recent and updated schedule!
Math 150 MON TUES WED THUR, Dec 8
Online 7:00-10:00pm 8:00-10:00pm -- 5:00-8:00pm
Zoom Link Zoom Link -- Zoom Link
In-person 2:00-8:00pm 2:00-7:00pm 2:00-8:00pm 2:00-5:00pm
BLOC 246 BLOC 246 BLOC 246 BLOC 246


Fall 2022

  • Instructor: Kris Watkins
  • Schedule: Mondays, 7:00-9:00pm (*Sessions may occasionally be on Wednesdays.)
  • In-person location: BLOC 150
  • Live stream of in-person session: Zoom link
Date Handouts Solutions
August 29 Session 1 Session 1 - solutions
September 5 Session 2 Session 2 - solutions
September 12 Session 3 Session 3 - solutions
September 19 Session 4 Session 4 - solutions
October 3 Session 5 Session 5 - solutions
October 10 at 7p
Zoom & BLOC 150
Session 6 Session 6 - solutions
October 17 Session 7 Session 7 - solutions
November 7 Session 8 Session 8 - solutions
November 14 Session 9 Session 9 - solutions
Sunday, November 20
Zoom & BLOC 150
Session 10 Session 10 - solutions
December 5 Session 11 Session 11 - solutions
December 7 Final Exam Review Final Exam Review - solutions

Tutoring by Appointment


  • You can sign-up for a one-to-one 30 min tutoring session per week with one of the math whizzes in the Math Learning Center. 
  • As with any service at the MLC, this opportunity is offered to TAMU students at no extra-cost!
  • Follow the links below to sign up and to enroll in a private session with a tutor. 



  1. Follow the link:
  2. Log in with NetID and Password
  3. To enroll in a One-on-One tutoring appointment: 
    1. Select the appropriate course under the Appointment Type column
    2. To view available appointments Select Date in the displayed calender. Note: Appointments are only released one week in advance
    3. For the selected date in the calendar, if there are appointments are available, a table will appear below that shows the available times for one-one-one tutoring. 
    4. Click "Available" to book the time slot. 
    5. Check your email for the Zoom link!

Virtual Math Learning Center

The Virtual Math Learning Center (VMLC) is online resource developed all TAMU students. Find high-quality additional material such as study guides, handouts, and video libraries for Math 150:  
Functions, Trigonometry and Linear Systems

Supplemental Material

Python Instructional Video Series

A video guide to using Python to solve math problems:
Python Instructional Video Series

Past Week-in-Review

This is a collection of Summer 2020 video recorded Week-in-Reviews complete with handouts and solutions: 
Math 150 Past Week-in-Review