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Help Services

Help services offered

The Math Learning Center offers multiple opportunities to get help in your mathematics, statistics and other related classes.  

The table below summarizes the types of online help we provide. 


Tutoring Interactive Sessions

Help Sessions

  • Interactive Help
  • Get individual questions answered
  • Led by undergraduate tutors
  • No appointment necessary
  • Course-specific content
  • Offered both Face-to-Face and Online

Tutoring by Appointment

  • Individual tutoring
  • 30 mins sessions
  • By appointment only 
  • Limited availability

Ask the Whiz!

  • This is an on-demand Help Desk 
  • Led by a Math Whiz who can answer (almost) any math question!
  • Offered on a first come, first served basis

     **  Pilot program during Summer 2020. No longer offered.**

Hands-On, Grades Up

  • Active learning sessions
  • Course-specific content
  • Led by undergraduate tutors

     ** Math 152 and Math 308 HOGU Spring 2023  **

Reviews and Lectures


  • Course specific
  • Taught by faculty
  • Reviews material covered in the corresponding course during the prior week

Reboot Workshops

  • Focuses on topics as opposed to course-specific content
  • Topics are prerequisites for various courses

     ** Offered only online (asynchronously).**


How to use our Online Help Services?

To join the session:

  1. You need to have a device such as a computer, a tablet (or even a phone) with a microphone (a camera is useful but not necessary).
  2. Make sure that you have the Zoom app. You may download the app and learn more about it at
  3. Find the session you want to attend in the schedule tables.
  4. Click the link (or enter the session ID number displayed in the schedule) to join the meeting. 

Once you join the session:

  • By default, your microphone will be initially muted and the camera will be off. You may activate them at the bottom of your Zoom screen.
  • Click the icon "Participants" and the icon "Chat" at the bottom of the Zoom screen. This will allow you to see who is in the meeting and what questions have been asked through the Chat panel. 
  • If you want to ask a question, click the "Raise your hand" button before you speak and:
    • If possible, submit the question (or the Problem number in the textbook) via the Chat. 
    • If you have a more personalized question, show the printed (or clearly written) problem through the camera or with a shared screen to the tutors.
  • When you are not speaking, please be kind to the participants and mute your microphone to avoid excessive noise during the session. 
  • You can leave the session at any point by clicking the button labeled  'Leave the Meeting'.