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Exam 2 Review

Section Details:
Exam 2 includes Sections 2.3–2.5 and 3.1. The following videos have problems you can review for the exam. The review problems may not be comprehensive. You should check with your instructor to see what material you will need to know for your exam.

Calculus Exam Review (Derivative Rules): MATH 142

Review of derivative rules such as product, quotient, and chain rule

Calculus Exam Review (Derivative Applications): MATH 142

Finding a tangent line and approximating marginal cost

Calculus Exam Review (Average Cost): MATH 142

Using the derivative to calculate the average cost of an item

Calculus Exam Review (Marginal Revenue): MATH 142

Finding marginal revenue and approximating the cost of the next item

Calculus Exam Review (Approximate Cost): MATH 142

Approximating the cost of the nth item.

Calculus Exam Review (Derivatives and Approximate Profit): MATH 142

Examples of finding derivatives and calculating approximate profit

Calculus Exam Review (Derivative Properties): MATH 142

Derivative examples with logarithms

Calculus Exam Review (Continuity and Derivatives): MATH 142

Review of continuous functions, the limit definition of the derivative, and instantaneous rate of change