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Exam 3 Review

Section Details:
Exam 3 includes Sections 3.2–3.5 and 4.1–4.4. The following videos have problems you can review for the exam. The review problems may not be comprehensive. You should check with your instructor to see what material you will need to know for your exam.

Calculus Exam Review (Curve Sketching): MATH 142

Using the first and second derivative to sketch the graph of the function

Calculus Exam Review (Second Derivative Test): MATH 142

Second derivative test for relative extrema

Calculus Exam Review (Absolute Extrema): MATH 142

Absolute extrema on closed intervals

Calculus Exam Review (Optimization): MATH 142

Review of word problems for maximizing or minimizing a function

Calculus Exam Review (Integration): MATH 142

Indefinite integral examples and u-substitution

Calculus Exam Review (Integration II): MATH 142

Review examples covering Riemann Sums and definite integrals

Calculus Exam Review (Application Problems with Integrals): MATH 142

Using integrals to solve application problems

Calculus Exam Review (Absolute Extrema and Integration): MATH 142

Examples finding absolute maximums, antiderivatives, and definite integrals