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Section 3.4 - The Chain Rule

Section Details:
  • The Chain Rule
  • The Power Rule combined with the Chain Rule
  • Applications of derivatives where the Chain Rule is necessary
  • Derivatives of exponential functions with bases other than e
  • Finding higher order derivatives

Trigonometry Derivatives and the Chain Rule: MATH 171 Problems 4 & 5

Using the Chain Rule to prove facts about derivatives

Higher Order Derivatives: MATH 171 Problems 4-6

Finding a formula for a higher order derivative and a formula for the second derivative of a product

Exponentials and Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions: MATH 171 Problems 3 & 4

Examples involving the tangent line to an exponential function and finding the derivative of hyperbolic cosine

Trigonometry Derivatives and the Chain Rule: MATH 151 Problems 1-9

Derivatives of trigonometric functions and using the Chain Rule

Vectors and Derivatives: MATH 151 Problems 1-8

Derivatives and vectors with some physics applications

Approximations and Exponentials: MATH 151 Problems 7-14

Approximation and Newton's Method, and limits and derivatives of exponential functions