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Linear Algebra for MATH 308

A mini-course in Linear Algebra for MATH 308

This online workshop provides a general introduction to linear algebra. It is designed to helps students prepare for MATH 308: Differential Equations, but the material is also relevant to students not in Math 308. 


  • Each lecture below contains videos covering the listed topics.
  • There are also detailed notes for the material in the videos. 
  • Lectures 3 through 8 have exercises you can try after learning the material. Each exercise also has a written solution and video showing how to solve the problems. 
  • If you want to go straight to a particular topic or the exercises, you can click on the links.

Course Content

View Lecture 1: Vectors, Linear Independence, and Spanning Sets Lecture 2: Operations with Matrices and Vectors Lecture 3: Systems of Equations Lecture 4: Determinant Lecture 5: Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues Lecture 6: Matrix Inverses and Diagonalization Lecture 7: Systems of Differential Equations Lecture 8: Systems of Differential Equations