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Virtual Math Learning Center

Virtual Math Learning Center Texas A&M University Virtual Math Learning Center

About Us

Our Mission

The Virtual Math Learning Center (VMLC) is an online resource developed primarily for students at Texas A&M University. Our main objective is to provide a platform where students will find high-quality content supporting their math and statistics needs, ranging from study guides for self-paced learning to course-specific information, handouts and video libraries.

Our History

The design and implementation of the VMLC is the result of a multi-year, collaborative process that involved TAMU faculty members, undergraduate students, and staff from many colleges and departments across campus. The original concept, framework, and design of the VMLC were supported by a Tier One Program (TOP) grant funded by the Offices of the TAMU Provost and the Dean of Faculties.
The faculty members leading the ideation and design of the VMLC are Paulo Lima-Filho (Math), Rick Furuta (Computer Science and Computer Engineering), Ben Lynch (Math), Mike Pilant (Math), Jennifer Whitfield (Math), and Ben Wu (Ecology and Conservation Biology).  

Paulo Lima-Filho R. Furuta B. Lynch M. Pilant J. Whitfield B. Wu
From left to right:  P. Lima-Filho, R. Furuta, B. Lynch, M. Pilant, J. Whitfield and B. Wu
This project also relied on the technical contributions of student worker Pape Sow-Traore (fight’n Texas Aggie class of 2019) and Henrik Schmiediche (Director of IT for the College of Science), as well as the coordination of Fernando Chavarria (TAMU Math Learning Center) and Anna Williams (TAMU Math Learning Center).

P.S. Traore H. Schmiediche F. Chavarria A. Williams
From left to right:  P.S. Traore,  H. Schmiediche,  F. Chavarria,  A. Williams.
  The web site design and implementation were done by the Kentico Team from the Provost’s IT Office (PITO). We must acknowledge the tremendous effort and dedication of Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Vismita Dongaonkar, Zachary Ligenza and Sean Shields who brought this project to fruition.
S. ChakrabortyV. DongaonkarZ. LigenzaS. Shields
From left to right:  S. Chakraborty,  V. Dongaonkar,  Z. Ligenza,  S. Shields
  Finally, this would not be possible at all without the creativity and content expertise of the TAMU Department of Mathematics and their talented faculty. The dedication and commitment of the faculty and the development of new technologies is what inspired this project. The invaluable videos and handouts created and shared by the faculty in the Department of Mathematics, along with the continued commitment of the Math Learning Center, will help transform the mathematics education at Texas A&M University.

The following faculty members are the pioneers and main content contributors to our inaugural pages:

  • Amy Austin
  • Elizabeth Arnold
  • David Manuel
  • JD Kim
  • Ali Foran
  • Rick Lynch
  • Robert Rahm
  • Justin Cantu
  • Kris Watkins
  • Jennifer Whitfield

The following undergraduate students contributed to the production of current content and development of new content:

  • Doan Nguyen
  • Elena Welch
  • Hailey Havourd
  • Rachel Carlson
  • ShaNisaa-Assata RaSun
  • Cesar Metlich-Gramillo
  • Isabella Arpero
  • Delanie Davis

Access to Resources

The resources on the VMLC are produced primarily for the benefit of Texas A&M students. To view most of the resources, you will be prompted to login with a Texas A&M NetID. 

However, some of the resources are available publicly, without needing a Texas A&M login. In particular, the Algebra Series, Python Instructional Series Workshop, and the How To series are publicly available. Also, the early pages of each course and the first page of each workshop are publicly available so that prospective students can see the resources available at Texas A&M. To see the publicly available resources, use the "Public Resources" link in the menu or click here.
You can visit the staff profiles at the link below. 

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Phone: (979)847-7311

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